• Lac Remedies in Practice

Dutch hardback with 240 pages of text.

Published 2010.


Contents: Introduction pages 11-27 Lac Humanum 28-59 Lac Felinum 60-87 Lac Equis 88-133 Lac Caninum 134-157 Lac Defloratum 158-173 Lac Leoninum 174-198 Lac Delphinum 200-214 Lac Lupinum 216-229


The publisher writes:

Philip Bailey uses his wealth of clinical experience working with Lac remedies to flesh out fully rounded pictures of 8 milk remedies. Each chapter is based on personal experience using the remedy, and includes many original observations. With the help of this knowledge, homeopaths can deepen their understanding of Lac remedies beyond rubrics and stereotypes, to the complexities of real people. The breadth of Bailey's clinical descriptions is matched by their depth. The essence of each remedy picture is fully explored in the book, and studied from numerous angles. The result is the kind of rich and nuanced materia medica that is easy to relate to, and easy to apply in clinical practice. Each chapter is accompanied by case histories, expressed in the actual words of the patients, enabling a thorough examination of how each remedy's themes and essence are expressed verbally. Bailey paints a rich psychological picture of the main themes in Lac cases, from early dynamics of inadequate bonding to mother, through victim-consciousness to compensatory spiritual idealism, whilst emphasising the split in every Lac case between the worldly and the spiritual, and the ambivalence which results from this split. The book is fully indexed.


Comment by Jane Cicchetti (authoress of 'Dreams, Symbols and Homeopathy'

'Some of the most valuable insights into various homeopathic medicines come from their use in actual practice. In 'Lac Remedies in Practice' Philip Bailey generously shares his clinical experience with remedies made from milk and how they can help patients who have suffered their entire lives due to lack of appropriate bonding with the mother.'

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Lac Remedies in Practice

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