• Therapeutic Hints

Seventh edition hardback. 2005 reprint.
Used a great deal in India.
610 pages.

Well worth investigating.

Limited availability

The book is based on clinical experience as a guide to the practice of Homoeopathy.  To make the work as authoritative as possible, the clinical experiences of the most eminent physicians such as Jahr, Baehr, Hering, Farrington, Jousset, Dewey, Kent, Hempel, Hahnemann etc. have been utilised. Diseases have been taken up one by one and the course they ordinarily follow, has in most cases been detailed, together with the remedies which the masters of Homoeopathy have actually found most helpful at every stage. The requirements of bed-side work are kept in view and the greatest facility has been afforded towards the quick and correct selection of a remedy.The diseases have, with a view to secure facility of reference, been arranged in alphabetical order instead of in accordance with their pathological classification. An elaborate index and special hints for diagnosing diseases have been added to do away, as far as possible, with the difficulties which laymen and beginners are apt alike to experience. 

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Therapeutic Hints

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