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Sub-titled 'Profound Changes to Transform Stress, Fear and Self-Doubt into New Confidence and True Power'

Maggie Whittle and Sylvia Goddard have produced a valuable resource.


'CHANGE' is a toolkit for life, filled with wisdom, humour, scenarios, metaphorical adventures, powerful strategies and practical resources to quickly yet profoundly transform stress, fear and self-doubt into a new confidence and true power. Why not get the best out of your life, stop worrying, believe in yourself and feel a lot happier? Use a range of proven, effective, light-hearted, smart and simple techniques to get the life your truly deserve. • Get to recognise stress in yourself and stop worrying • Get to relax like never before • Get to recognise your own beliefs and patterns that hold you back in life • Free yourself using our ingenious, enjoyable techniques and create strong, powerful self-belief • Build more courage, confidence and inner power • Realise how capable you really are • Look after your heart and feel deeper joy • Develop a generous, compassionate spirit • Develop better relationships all round • Gain essential life skills and resources and take a giant leap forward mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Maggie and Sylvia have worked for many years with people helping them make dramatic positive changes quickly and get the best life. They have combined their resources, vast experience and expertise and written 'CHANGE' to help you to do the same.

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